Link love

Some of the things I found worth reading this week on the world wide webb, a bit scatty, but hey, aren’t we all? And, Yes, I do spend way to much time in the cyber space at the moment.


Listen up Jay-Z, Mu(sick) for y’all – about objectifying lyrics by Madiha Batti

And then the slightly different subject but oh so good rap about Why I think this world should end, Prince Ea

Två Svenska röster om vårt framtida Sverige:

Navid modiri about Sweden 3.0
#I mitt Sverige, Underbara Clara om vad det är för framtid vi vill bygga

Att blicka lite utanför:

Portraits of people living on a dollar a day – in pictures, see here.
Behind the slick campaigns, too many aid groups have evolved into self-serving corporations dressed in the clothing of compassion. Read article here.

Churchy stuff:

A Call to fearlessness by Sarah Bessey (a letter to the charismatic church community), here.

Made me laugh out loud:

Grandmas keep accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook

Happy Saturday




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