What to do with six quick drawers and four hours of your life.

WordPress has changed layout and seemingly picture size.. not too impressed. But anyway. The autumn weather has been as perfect as it gets here up in the north (of Europe, South of Sweden of course), so we went out to thee rocks one afternoon, after a visit to Komvux and SFI.

Preparing the rope
We just has 6 quick drawers so we could only do short climbs. The rest of our climbing equpiiment is being sent from England.
Not a single human being around. We had the place to ourselves.
IMG_1919 IMG_1933
I was trying to pull all the tricks I know to get up this specific bit of the wall.
IMG_1937 IMG_1940
It was severely super hard and I had to cheat a lot (like using the tree as a resting place in between.
Nigel was struggling almost as much, except that he could reach with his monkey legs where I couldn’t.
Over all a fantastic few hours in Partile.




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