An introverts escape on a Saturday morning

When I woke up on the Saturday I felt sick, sweaty and claustrophobic. And to be surrounded of 200-something tents and and a never ending amount of people did not make me feel easier about it.

Since my work shift did not officially start until 11 I did a temporary runaway, to a close village, in the company of my husband.

IMG_2297-0.JPG after a coffee down in the pretty village, full of sleeping cats, tractors and old ladies peeling fruit for this autumns dulceata (where Nigel met some people he knew, got invited and after some suc and biscuits we received half a liter of homemade wisky tapped up in a beer bottle), we drive M home to where she lives. Well, first we stopped for apple collection (real, not digital) and made a few attempts to get her dog in to the car, since he was so old he now couldn’t find home after strolling down to the village. This dog has been around since Nigel first put his foot here, 11 years ago, and it would have felt like a good mission to complete, but we had to leave him. After 11 years of strolling around we considered he’d have a few friends homes to sleep in.

IMG_2299-0.JPG M lives on the top of a hill, the drinking water she has to carry up and in the summers she sleeps outside in the hay under the stars, because that’s the way she likes it. She is close to 80 and one of the most alive women I’ve met.

IMG_2300-0.JPG In the summer when they are harvesting the hay, putting it into these little formations (with little I mean about 3-4 meters tall), she is the one climbing up on the top to receive the hay and stacking it neatly.

IMG_2298-0.JPG And after not even an hour up here I started to feel all those complicated knots undone in the presence of simplicity.

We think we need so much, we think that insurance and a safety alarm brings us closer to a safer and freer life. But I must say I envy this woman’s incredibly hard, but simple way of living. And I’m so inspired by that spark in her eyes and her attitude to life.

She said, before I left, that, “whoever you meet, you need to try to understand them. If you just try, there will be something nice in all people you meet, something worth loving.” and I don’t know, but I was tearing up, so surprised about him much I already liked this old lady, sad that I probably won’t meet her for a long time.

Then she said, whilst waving us goodby, “see you at the festival, I’ll come up later. If it wasn’t for the sake that I feel a bit weird being the only woman with a head scarf I might have spent a bit more time up there. I love what you are doing, I love the passion I see in the people traveling from across the country to worship!

My battery was charged, I was ready to step on my 14 hour shift.



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