Drumfest 2014 (or my food break version of it)

This week has kind of blurred in to one long day. Things haven’t really happened in a chronological order in my head, so I can’t tell you really what’s happened on what day.

But I can tell you what’s been going on, Drumfest, a music festival for Romanian Christian musicians has been happening. And however random it might seem to you, Networks, normally working with the poor, are the ones arranging it.

And I wish I had some nicer festival photos to show you, but unfortunately I was standing in the kitchen when it happened, so I’ve mostly got pictures from my lunch breaks. Well well, here we go.


Here is the beginning of the big tent’s arising. IMG_2182.JPG

And then we suddenly jump to late evening swim and Madeleines getting rid of mosquito tactics. IMG_2183.JPG

Mad and Martha at the lake.

Back together again. In Taut, where absurdly most significant life changing moments have happened, for both of us during the past five years. IMG_2186.JPGOne of the last days before the festival started I got the putting-up-sign duty together with Sam. I was pretty pleased because I got to carry around a spett and a sledgehammer all day.

IMG_2187.JPGThe evenings where Indian summer-warm and beautiful. Chris and Aoife at the dam wall.


Short zakuska break between working shifts. IMG_2208.JPG

Johanna came like a saving Macgyver from Sweden! IMG_2207.JPG

Miia and Madde was selling DeceIMG_2205.JPGBianca and Marta by the zakuska bar.

IMG_2296.JPG And then, absurdly as it sounds Hillsong London was playing, on our little hill, and the campsite was full, and the big tent was full and I thought, gosh, this is actually happening.

I think this was roughly day one of the festival.
Drumfest 2014


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