I am learning, as I make my way through my first continent, that it is remarkably easy to do things, and much more frightening to contemplate them.

Spent some lovely but few days in Sheffield. A wee bit of climbing, much time with family and the obligatory pub visit. No pictures taken though, that seems to be what’s happening when I’m caught up in the lovely madness of family. My nieces where all caught up in the frozen-fever that seems to be raging over Britain so the soundtrack of my travels somehow have become “let it go”, I’m not kidding, everywhere I went someone was humming it.

Since Nigel’s mum is the queen of practical and cheap solutions she found us a shipping company that could send home 50 kg luggage instead of us dragging it around Europe. Definitely the best deal of the month!

Left for London on Tuesday and met up with the lovely Goodwins (I mean, just their name!) for a curry and a coffee and a London stroll. Randomly bumped into Ben on the street, in the midst of 10 million people it seems like an impossibility, and found out we where on the same morning flight as his parents out to Romania. How wired is that!?

Spent a chilly night on the cold stone floors of Luton airport, dressed in about everything I had with me, and still shivering half through the night pinched Nigel’s hoodie of him. Slept for a few hours, then flew the bumpiest air fair of my life, felt sick like a pig and landed in a 34 degrees hot Romania.

Now back where we started, at our old home in Cuvin, together with mr Samuelsson. With the strange feeling of familiarity that ones was yours fully and now you can dip into but never completely have all of again. The circle is is somehow complete, and begun to eat at its own tail. Drumfest, the festival we are here to help out with, ends in two weeks time.. And that’s when it properly will begin for us. Now, time for some old friends and familiarity and the madness of an approaching festival.
See you around!


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