Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard

This photo is how I’d best describe my London visit. Anchors, coffee and elephants. Definitely more impressions coming in than words coming out at the moment. This morning I waved goodbye to my lovely girls (after breathing in the helium balloon together with Kate I was given at my arrival) and made my way to, across and away from London to my friends in Essex.

I’m definitely getting better at just making my home wherever I am. Since we left Romania in the beginning of June, it’s been a constant travel. And it’s going to continue until the very end of august, and then, we still are not sure where we will end up in Gothenburg yet.

I’d normally struggle immensely with that, but somehow it feels fine. As long as I’m moving in some kind of direction I’m fine, it’s when nothing changes it gets hard. I prefer when there is a challenge, I prefer when there is a fight. I think that’s when I’m in my comfort zone. In all that buzz. But I think maybe it’s time to step out of that for a while, and enter in to a new arena.

Stop and breathe.

Ps. Miia, I love your previous post.


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