I rather eat porridge in company than entrecôte alone.

I suddenly realized what I needed, some time with some good friends. The realization came after unexpectedly bumping into Madeleine at the beach the same day as she was going to England. I just couldn’t shut up. That’s how nice it was to see her. And I really really started to miss some people.

And then it turned out to be two missed ladies in London this week, Kate and Rachel. And around five o clock I got hold of them, and around an hour later the plane ticket was booked. TO LONDON! And then I’ll extend the stay with Liz and Matt in the south at their farm with a couple of days before seeing husband and family in Sheffield.

And I’m so excited I don’t even care about the plane, train and bus tickets already booked that I’ll need to throw away. I rather eat porridge in company than entrecôte alone, to quote a good film!

So, after a lovely evening with family I now say an official sorry to all those people I’d half promised to drink coffee with the following week, I’ll go to London instead!


See you there,


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