Auf nach Klausenburg!

After saying goodbye to miss A and her sister and enjoying yet another beautiful breakfast, miss E and me felt like we were ready to go beside the road and put our thumbs up.
Hitching time!


Sadly, no one wanted to take two young blondes on board on their way to Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg is the old German name of the city).
So we had to humble ourselves (or mainly me) and make our way to the bus station instead.

We arrived comfortably, having not to put any effort into keeping on a conversation with strangers, which was a plus.
Cluj has spread itself on top of a few hills and from a distance really gave a big-city-vibe. And in fact, it is the second most populous city in Romania, or that’s what Wikipedia told me afterwards. Everything else and more miss E told me on our walk around town. But first it was time to see where I was gonna sleep the next night.



It was a bed in the spare room of a shared apartment. Love seeing some real Romanian ways of living. This particular house seemed to have its own character with lots of special tricks and troubles. Like how many times you can turn the key in the lock without getting the door stuck. Everything was clean, tidy and perfectly in place, as it is in most of the Romanian homes I’ve been to. These people really look after their houses and belongings. The granny next door had her flowers outside the apartment. Love it.
In general I just love the old people in this country. It’s as if they all dress the same way, too, the men like the one in this picture:


A bit small the image, since i tried to make the fact that I’m taking a picture of someone without permission as less obvious as possible.

And the picture taking didn’t stop there. Here some other things i saw.

One of the many churches in the city.


Some of the many little food shops and mini markets.


More awesome old people, these ones enjoying chess battles in the park.



The beautiful old casino.



Lots of these flying around. Not sure why i noticed.


Just this.




Part of the old city wall.


Part of the new graffiti.






The church that’s on every tourist souvenir.



Again, old people. I just love them.



Thank you, Cluj-Napoca. It was a pleasure to walk on your streets.




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