Swedish summer at it’s best.

Reading Miias travel post gives me severe Eastern European cravings. Give me dodgy train rides, amazing old women hairstyles,  1 leu coffees and 2 lei pastries any day. But a good substitute, something I’ve longed for during all my years whilst living as in-land as you can come, is the big blue. Me, Nigel and Carl had a day out. 20140728-221803-80283880.jpgNigel is trying to learn how to float.20140728-221807-80287045.jpgI found a children sized wet-suit with a Batman symbol on. So I felt pretty invincible. 20140728-221806-80286002.jpgThe brother, the yelly fish and the blue.

20140728-221903-80343535.jpgThe monkey jump.20140728-221905-80345586.jpgThe sea was like jewels, pretty, pretty, pretty.20140728-221904-80344648.jpgBoy with a mission.20140728-221903-80343226.jpgI was seriously panicking on this picture, almost by the top and not finding anywhere for my hands. Nigel was the initiated to this challenge of course. 20140728-222025-80425797.jpgBut I made it!!20140728-222024-80424762.jpgNigel tried to convince me to do some other monkey stuff. But I felt pretty good not to.20140728-222305-80585395.jpgCarl was the bravest of us all.20140728-222303-80583233.jpgEpic!20140728-222306-80586481.jpgSome diving.20140728-222401-80641754.jpgAnd some more jumping.20140728-222304-80584407.jpgAfter getting our cookies eaten by seagulls and picking roughly 2 liters of black berries we set of home.

Spent the evening making pie and playing a ticket to ride with two of my favorite boys.
Summer is definitely king at the moment.



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