Changing winds and cute kitties

Today I finally woke up from my sick coma and did what normal west coast people do in the summer, read books in the sun and swim in the sea. As I mentioned, we’re cat baby sitting and therefore also living like kings in Kullavik. Having “Monkey, hoarse and a villa” like Pippi Longstocking would have said.

But it’s more like cat, boat and villa for us.

And some ripe tomatoes!
And hears is the cutest thing, next to n studying maths.

I also had a lunch skype date with my beloved Miia! It does kind of suck to be in different countries again, especially since the roles are now reversed. SHE is in Romania and I am in Scandinavia. At least, the weather is king in Sweden 27 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!

Still unemployed and even though I’m not completely homeless, in need of a home. So give me a call, dear Gothenburg citizens, if you’ve got some splendid ideas!

So long,


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