Thessaloniki and Meteora (Greece), week 2

Though we should do some more traveling.. today in Greece. Our second week of traveling.

We arrived to a very hot Thessaloniki and met up with the Larssons (who’d left Romania a few days after us and stayed in the town for a few days!) Had a lovely evening out and Albin found us a hotel to the price of a hostel in the centre of town.


The view from our window. N slept until 1.30 in the afternoon (never happened before) and then we spent the rest of the day at Strabucks. Not bad at all.IMG_0649

We stayed in the town two nights and then drove on towards Lefkada.

Stopped and had a nap and made lunch on the way.IMG_0724

Arrived in a stormy place we found through a beautiful picture on pinterest and decided to go there.IMG_0728

Had to hide from the storm in a garage.IMG_0749

Walked past the cutest street dog!!!!!IMG_0776

And arrived in the “stone forest” the place where the monks build monasteries ages ago.IMG_0770Some of them still in use!! Can you believe they actually climbed up here..

We aimed at sleeping up here, but ended up a bit further down in the valley. 


The day after we met some lovely American women that also saved us from another thunderstorm and fed us whilst waiting in their car for the rain to stop. And then we visited on of the monasteries. I had to borrow a skirt to enter the place, so I was about to die of heat, dressed in long black trousers and a long thick skirt and a long sleeved shirt. But it was with it. You can’t tell, but we are about 250 meters up here. We entered the place through steps build in the the rock. The food and supplies got up in cable cars.

After almost a whole day we set off for Lefkada and the house Nigel’s mum kindly sorted out for us, pictures coming soon!




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