Romania – Serbia – Bulgaria

Now I’ve had time to sort our amongst our photos from the trip, so I thought I’d post some of them here. IMG_0339The starting one. In proper holiday album style with chopped of feet and everything. A last goodbye to Troy and the house. Our dear Cuvin. Now in the hands of Samuelsson.IMG_0343Since we were extremely late with everything we just drove for about 2 hours before we stopped for the night. Just outside Lugoj. Beautiful hills but killing mosquitos, I was dressed like a nun to avoid being bitten. IMG_0369Drove through some depressing shut down mining towns. Ended up in a storm after falling asleep on a playground and being woken up by kids claiming back their territory.
IMG_0380Luckily in time to find a shut down petrol station, where we sat for hours before the rain stopped. We both felt pretty lost. IMG_0455

But in the evening we found this gorgeous little village.IMG_0463

And on the top of the village this old football stadium from the communism. IMG_0494

And on top of that we made our camp. With a view over the Danube and Serbia.IMG_0592At this point of the trip I was still so exhausted that I didn’t even leave the tent in the morning when it got like an oven. N had to force feed me with coffee to get me out. IMG_0533

Some road stops. IMG_0564

And then we found an ever more beautiful camping spot !!!

Here trying out where to put down the tent, desperately trying to catch the last bit of daylight.IMG_0604

The day after we arrived in Sofia and literally could not stay awake. Fell asleep between a busy street and a metro station.



The bulgarian mountains.

Some home making.IMG_0631Nigel sleeping late after eating a five day old sweaty sausage (and later getting super sick)

To be continued..




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