Ban the ‘but’

Why can’t life just be simple? Who ever decided it should be a constant struggle, strain and never ending analysis of everything with some short, happy bursts of time in between? Or am I just the only one getting the feeling that that is the preset life option?

Scrap that.

I’m scrapping that.

I’m erasing that one evil word out of my head that has simply ruined too many fun things in the past already. Like a Cat Empire concert in the rain. It’s ‘but’. BUT.

I wish I was more like that, but…. excuse, excuse.

I’d like to be with them, but… excuse, excuse, excuse.

I’d like to go there some day but… but… blaa blaa money excuse blaa.

Here we are, the young and rich generation that has got everything they ever wanted and potentially could, offered to them on a silver plate. And what do we do? We are wasting it all by sticking to past patterns and wandering around aimlessly, showing off our ‘but’s. How pathetic.

Why is it not possible to just strip life down to its very purest form, revealing the real root of the ‘but’. Fear. Self-doubt. Insecurity. Laziness. What ever your ‘but’ is, it’s in your way. It’s big and heavy. It’s your greatest enemy. It’s the chain you’ve wrapped around your own legs.

And of course, then come the “my past/my parents/my foes in high school/my neighbor when I was 12” ‘but’s into the picture.The circumstances that have led me to this and that and that’s why I am here complaining about my first world problems.

But really, that is just lame. Not saying those chains aren’t real or painful, but at some point you just have to realize that you are the one having to take responsibility and either remain stuck in where you are now, or take the key that’s right on the side of you with which you can open the chains and start walking forward. And start kicking but(t)s.

Life really shouldn’t be that complicated.

Do you want something? Start figuring out what it takes to get it. Work for it. No ‘but’s. What’s the worst thing that could happen?


So here comes the big question: what do you really want?




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