I’m a bit busy just existing, listen to the heart aches of 11 year olds, watching the same 11 year old playing a handball tournament, playing Pippi long stocking in H’s dramas, collecting our luggage from kind people across the town, beginning the thought process of looking for somewhere to live, and work (x2) and all the other things following when you dig up your roots to place them in new soil.

And drinking some black strong Swedish coffee in between.
Click on picture to find link.



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  1. Glad to hear you’ve arrived in Sweden safely. Enjoy each moment, it will only come once. Please send your address in Sweden, want to send you something x

  2. PS thanks for the postcard, you couldn’t have picked a more perfect one, the donkey has a special meaning for Abigail! I assume you didn’t have to resort to using a donkey!

    • Hahaha, glad the card got there, we had no idea! No, thankfully not,even though that would have been a good story to tell I’m glad we got to stay with our mechanical donkey! I’ll get Nigel to email you the address here xxx/ j

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