Out upon the waters, day 27, last day of the trip (hopefully)

The kids are throwing themselves into the sea of multicoloured plastic balls with hight pitch screams. People read, snooze or play games. Me and N seemed to end up in the kids section again. However hard we try we seem to be forever accompanied by either 60 plus people or infants. Outside, a rainy, still, never ending ocean is slowly sweeping pass. Five hours to go before we reach Sweden.

Yesterday we got caught in another storm, this time not in shelter of a tent, but on the autobahn. from the moment it started raining (not a gentle drizzle, we are talking torrential rain here) it tooks us a good 30 minutes before we found any kind o shelter. Past 8 in the evening, 30 km from Rostock we found a service station.

It must have been a quite pitiful sight the two of us. Two silent, drenched, shivering of cold travellers. We ate a goulash at the service station and reminded ourselves of how different this trip could have been if it would have been bad weather. But we still did not manage to get thankful enough tho have the stamina for camping in a leaking tent, since that would seemingly just add to the misery, so we asked around and found a room to stay in for the night.

Found a guesthouse, run by a non english speaking slightly drunk German. After trying to communicate and ask for prices and stuff for a while we gave up. Took a room and spread our wet stuff all around, had a shower and feel asleep in about three seconds on nylon sheets to the sound of smattering rain.

Got up at five. It was still raining. Drove to the ferry and got soaked again (I can see the point with a car) but at leased got pity prioritised because we where on a bike so we could go straight up to the restaurant and claim a 8 seated table as ours. We have now made it homy, spread all of our wet stuff around like a dog would mark its territory. Reading and writing, to the sound of little high pitch screams from the plastic ball ocean accompanied by the big blue.


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