Day 1057, still on the road (Germany)

We’ve done more kilometres than BMW ever thought we would, the clock counting hit 100 000 km and then the 1 had nowhere to go, so it turned to 000000 and now it looks like the bike is new out from the factory. Well, not if you watch the actual bike, only the clock. From Romania we’ve now done about 4500 km, we’ve been on the road for 26 days.

After going through Italy and some beautiful mountain roads, we hit the motorway in Austria and Germany.

Camped first night in the Italian mountains, second in a German forest.

You’d think that the mountains would take the prize for stunning scenery, but late in the evening when I peaked out of the tent in Germany, the forest was full of fireflies. They where everywhere, flying bulbs of light between the trees. It was as if they put on a show just for us, a spectacular one in all it’s simpleness. I got the half sleeping N out of the tent and we just stood there, hand in hand in silence slightly shivering in the night breeze. It sounds silly, but seeing fireflies was one of my big hopes with this trip, after N telling me about it when him and Albin was in Albania. And we’ve seen the odd one, but like this, it was pure magic.

Coffee with a mountain view in all honour, but even N start to feel home sick, which is about as rare as his bad moods. Which means it’s like really about time to find a home. We’ve booked a ferry tomorrow morning and hope to be able to get on board without a printed ticket, Rostock-Trelleborg, don’t let us down please!



2 thoughts on “Day 1057, still on the road (Germany)

  1. Älskar att följa era äventyr! (Behöver ni en säng på väg norrut, så finns extra hos mig i Lund, åh du välkomna till Sverige!)

    • Vad fin du är Lisa, vi svängde förbi Tim och fick träffa en Sara på köpet, dock var hemlängtan lite för stor för att stanna längre. Men en kaffe nästa gång du kommer till Gbg vore inte att förakta xj

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