The blue eye, 17.51 (back in time) Albania

Knocking down an espresso and raki after watching “the blue eye”. It’s some kind of water phenomenon, my corrupt English would describe as “a blue, massive puddle of water”, pumping out 8m3 water per second (!!) from a depth unknown. Seriously. Divers have gone down to 50 meters in the whole (just a few metres wide) and then turned around. It’s a bit like a geyser, but in the forest in Albania, and with the water being cold instead of warm.

Nigel who takes an interest in most kinds of water (especially if it’s moving ), is almost undone of excitement. And even I, known as impossible to be charmed, am impressed. I mean, 8 m3 per second.


After ordering three crepes and two espressos and getting a bill of 5 euros, we thought this might be the country for us, maybe we stay a few days extra. Nigel has visited an ancient fort, I’ve mostly been drinking tea and contemplating. Tomorrow we might hit some beaches. If my soar throat lets me. Otherwise some shade and reading (saying that, since my book seemed to contain a lot of oxygen tanks, like what you are attached to if you can’t breath properly, I thought I’d have an anxiety attach every time I red it, so I’ve moved on to Nigel’s book instead, about motorbikes.)

Yesterday I opened the tent in my sleep and didn’t wake up until almost eaten alive by Mosquitos. Then I had to wake Nigel up, because we where sleeping in an olive grove and it was dug up everywhere so they could plant new trees, but it looked like some kind of mass grave and I didn’t want to take the risk of being killed by zombies either. So nigel had to get the anti-itch stuff and then we tried to kill the existing Mosquitos in the tent and I was tired and clumsy and missed them all the time and N got grumpy and in to task mood and and just told me to stop and be still so he could kill them.

And just when I’d fallen asleep again, I got woken up by something big rummaging around outside the tent. I got scared, but thought that to wake N up again would be to push it. If the thing outside tried to get in he would wake up anyway. But it didn’t, and in the morning we found a massive pig sleeping some meters up in the olive grove, so that was that mystery solved.

Intense anyway.
/ j


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