24th of June 2014 (this is fact not fiction), day 22

Arrived in Slovenia yesterday late afternoon, had dinner in Ljubljana (beautiful town) and watched the skies fill with clouds whilst surfing around trying to find an affordable hostel/hotel/camping anywhere close. Do I even have to add, without success. Even messaged christina for a bit of counsel from their big camping book, but the clouds where coming too fast. We had to leave, drove off towards lake Bled in hope to find something when we arrived, but realised after a few minutes we where not going to make it.


Found some woods where we could enter with the bike, now hearing thunder in the background. Got the tent up and most things in it waiting for the storm to hit us. N got a bit impatient and then disappointed when he thought I’d pass over us, but no need to worry, around nine, the heavens put on quite a show, lasting for about… Ten hours.

It was mad, I’ve never experienced anything like that. Lightning followed by thunder that shock the ground, torrential rain, so hard I thought that any time the tent would just give up. (Well, it kind of did, by the morning the bottom of our sleeping bags where swimming around in a puddle if water we had to mop up with our underwear). And whilst most storms passes, this one just didn’t. As soon as one session ended, another took over. In total I think seven storms swept over us, the last one around 6 in the morning. It was terrifying.

Waking up to a cloudy but rain free sky was bliss, even though everything was damp/wet I felt the hope rising, closely accompanied with home sickness. I don’t want any more stories to tell, just have a hot shower and a clean dry bed.


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