Only 1906 km to Berlin.

We’ve been on the road for 19 days, and a few minutes ago we passed a sign promising the arrival to Berlin within the neat distance of 1906 kilometres. When I thought about that we’ve done roughly 250km/day so far it was enough reason for having an espresso stop. Pronto.

Yesterday we stayed at our first real camping. It was us and 20 group caravan travellers from Germany. Well worth 8,5 euro just to have a shower and having a chat with Linda, our next door caravan neighbour.
In one way the travelling feels easier now, even though the surroundings are changing we’ve got into some kind of routine. No communication needed when we find the camping spot for the evening, both knows what needs to be done and who is doing what. Pitching the tent, cooking, unpacking, making home.

But on the other hand, as soon as we knew Sweden got closer with each kilometre, it was hard not putting our heads on that. Today passing through Montenegro, Bosnia and hopefully getting somewhere close to Split by the evening.


2 thoughts on “Only 1906 km to Berlin.

  1. Hi little brother and sister. I only found out you have a blog yesterday! (I know it’s not officially Nigel’s but it’s the best way to find out what he’s been up to!) Julia, you write some amazing stuff, you clearly have a gift for writing. Sounds like you’ve been on a great adventure. Make sure you take a photo of the thunderstorm tonight (Monday night). Love you both, Helen x x

    • Thank you Helen, you’re so lovely. No photos of the thunderstorm, but a fairly wet tent. It was mega big, nigel insists he wasn’t scared, but I’m sure he was:) do follow us on the trip, feel like the adventure will continue beyond it too! Much love to you all, xxxx j

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