17th of June, me and commander Pott.

Nigel finds a way to quote commander Pott from Chitty Chitty bang bang in most situations, with his favourite being “you have to take the rough with the smooth. You’ll never have real adventure without a bit of risk”.

With the sun setting behind the mountains and still a long way back through miniature villages (the kind with ouzo drinking oldies filling the local square that are far too small to make it onto our map), Nigel’s quoting doesn’t bring me any hope. But N doesn’t care, his forever cheerfulness is not letting us down. And eventually, after some arguing about the way, some turnarounds and grumpy silences (those are from me exclusively) we do get back home.

Had a full day of Island exploring, which take its time because we stop for coffee breaks roughly every 30 km. And after finding an old back gammon board we played two games of that, and then we red our books, and journaled, and then when we left we’d stayed so long we had to stop for lunch. We drank frappes, went to a beautiful beautiful beach with the kind of waves that pulls you with them and then stopped for food again. Luckily the island is small.

Tomorrow we’ll pack our bags and set of for Albania (mon amor). Greece has been good to us, but it’s time to move on.



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