I’ve heard that living a devoted life is the new black.


We went to a placed called Meteora in Kalambaka a few days ago, we where just gonna swing by but got caught up in a thunderstorm and decided to stay over night to have the morning to explore. Not disappointed. It was pure magic. The place is called the “stone forest” and on top of the massive pillars of stone are six monasteries, still in use. It’s like some kind of bus stop between heaven and earth, the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to.

Until recently the only way up to most of them, was by climbing (some of the monasteries are 400 something meters above the ground), or being winched up in a rope. I was pleased they’d now some stairs we could climb.

It’s definitely something contagious about devoted people. What endurance these monks and nuns most have. I don’t even know what to say. Blown away.

/ j


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