Postcards from Greece (12th of June-ish)


Got into a routine of not checking the time, neither when i go up, neither when i go to bed. Nor any time there in between. Not that i’m that big on time anyway, but still. It’s nice just not having to care. Camera battery out of charge, no internet or people to hang out with (well N is around of course). Just us and the blue sky (and unbearably hot sun).

We’ve arrived in the 35 degrees hot, intense charter paradise of Greece. Well, not really, it’t more of an ex pat hub. Retired Brits everywhere getting fried in the sun and buying cheap property. For the first day here we just stayed around the house, except making an urgent shopping trip in the afternoon and bulked up the fridge (I’d scavenged through the whole house and found some long life milk and cereal, but that was all I’d eaten all day so around two I almost had a crisis). Before that I’d managed to tan my legs for 7 minutes before I retreated back inside to the glorious AC and plowed through half a book by Marian Keyes instead of suffering outside. So, all first day, inside.

Today we started the day doing the same, except that Nigel had now moved on from English books to learning Swedish on the iPad (I think it was some kind of animal section today because he sporadiously comes out with words like växtätare, rovdjur, hane, ödla and so on in our conversations), but we came to our senses after lunch and made it down to the sea. Worth mentioning is that I got Nigel to rent us two sun beds. I was astonished by the lack of resistance, that man must really love me. And then we lied on them all afternoon reading our books. Lying there made me think THIS is what I’ve dreamt about for about two months. I want to to this until I get bored, I haven’t been bored for months and months. I want to do nothing until I can’t stand it any more.



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