6th of June, Sofia – Bulgaria (a tired introverts travels through the Balkans)


I feel like I’ve snoozed my way through most cities of this trip. The same in Sofia. Thought I’d die of tiredness and when N chatted to this guy on he tourist information place about maps I thought I’d panic. We sat down between a traffic light and a metro station to check direction and I fell asleep straight away. For real. I normally can’t sleep anywhere but in my bed at night. And here I fall asleep as soon as I’m not in a strict vertical position. Previous days I’ve fallen asleep in playgrounds and on coffee shop tables.

Anyway, N woke me up after 15 min and we made our way to a café. Big city life feels a bit overwhelming after all the country side and solitude. After letting my mind wander loose watching mountains and green meadows I find it harder and harder to get my head together enough to think about anything practical. So I’ve become a bit useless when it comes to choices and directions (fare enough, always been) But I want to say that traveling by bike is the perfect way to let 5 years slowly sink in and land in me before I get my head into Sweden. And to constantly see so much beauty feels like therapy. Useful or not. I feel good.

But to be fare, Sofia was not big for me.
But life is, so we’re moving on!

And by the way, clip on sun glasses are all the rage.
If you didn’t know already.


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