5th of June, Negotin-Serbia (Många mil att gå innan vi somnar)

20140608-122816-44896632.jpgLast night we arrived to this little village, Sfinita, in Romania. It’s just by the Danube, with Serbia across the water. The sun was setting and all the oldies out and watered their gardens. The whole village was built on this steep hill, and all the gardens where perfectly kept, with vines and hops and vegetables and all things nice. But the best was that on the top of the hill, it was an abandoned football stadium from 1973 in true communist style. And above it we found the most perfect camp spot you can imagine. With a perfect view of it all, and complete peace. Made some food on the stove and fell asleep to the sound of the wind blowing through the knee high grass around us.

The day after we finally managed to get some kilometres behind us. Drove alongside the Danube through dramatic mountain passes, crossed the Serbian border with all it’s funky communistic industrial dam wall stuff and had some food in a nice little restaurant in Negotin. A bit tired in our bodies after sleeping in tent and riding on the bike for long amounts if time. Greece, to not talk about Gothenburg, feels very far away.



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