Time to contemplate in Anina.




In two days we’ve so far made 200 km. We are not in a hurry. Still, I was so tired I thought I’d fall off the bike, so we had to stop and have a lie down at a playground in An old mining town (Anina, Romania)

Unfortunately some little scallies wanted to claim back what they thought was theirs, and pestered Nigel with questions like “IS SHE DEAD?” “HOW FAST IS YOUR BIKE?” “HAS SHE FAINTED?” Until we thought we’d go crazy. Left the terrorists and road for another 5 minutes when thunder came, we just managed to find a petrol station (without petrol) that served only ciorba de burta (stomach soup), French fries and pork, seconds before the skies completely emptied out themselves. Perfect.

Had to jump up and down in he bathroom to get warm, started to laugh watching myself in the mirror. Felt like a mad woman.

The rain definitely gives the trip another kind of feel. Not knowing where you’ll sleep when the sun is shining is one thing, but sitting in an 80’s petrol station in the mountains in Romania with the rain pissing it down is another. The TV is on and the AC is humming, the only decor except the plastic flower are two polystyrene boards glued up on the wall containing pictures of a menu that doesn’t exist. Some locals sit on the table behind, hiding from the rain. I must say it’s something comforting about not being able to go anywhere, being dependent on the weather and having the time for it.

Definitely time for a hot chocolate and some reading before this storm will be over.



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