I’ve Lived in Romania for half a decade. I’ve found life, Jesus, a husband and friends I know will remain. I’ve become my grown up self here. The puzzle piece I frenetically tried to hammer in to so many shapes suddenly clicked in, without me even trying. Here I’ve gained a humongous extended family, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers I argue with, laugh with, drive mad and love endlessly. Like every day. It’s a bit overwhelming when I start thinking about it, want to drag you into every little corner to it.

Want to poke people’s little boxes, in the same way my boxes has been poked, tell them “yo, lift that lid. Or at least move in to a bigger box. You can do more than this” I thought I was a match box. And then those ghetto kids thought me otherwise. I want to be to you what those ghetto kids was for me.

Life is an ocean, I’m a bark boat without a sail. And that’s ok. Because I believe in miracles too.

And in just a few days we set off, towards what feels to me like open sea. I’ve just started to accept that life just doesn’t make sense. And I feel alright about that. I’ve got no sails to catch wind in, but I’ll make some, and then then we’ll learn how to cruise this ship.

The picture is from my lovely Rachel, unsure about the source but it’s beautiful.




3 thoughts on “Oceans.

  1. Typ precis allt du skriver vill jag skriva på kort och sätta upp på väggen bredvid min säng.
    Ser fram emot att hänga i gbg i sommar! Kram på er

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