Tree house banquet and Saturday bliss.

Karin stayed over, so the breakfast location was given. IMG_0302Karin climbed, I took the picnic bag, and Nigel pulled me up into Cuvin’s version of heaven. 
IMG_0307My tree house!IMG_0312We all got up without killing ourselves.. which is not as easy as you might think. IMG_0317Into a green breezy room, where no one can see us, but we can see everyone. Not kidding, the best place on earth.IMG_0324Had some quality cousin time.  IMG_0326Found a shark leaf!!!!!IMG_0330Karin did some important phone calls from her green office.IMG_0331We stayed there for hours, until we really really needed to wee. Then we got down, ready to have lunch.

Spent the rest of the day reading and editing pictures. I feel like about every single ounce of energy has left me. Around nine I had recovered enough to say hi to Beck and Andreas who came by after being out on the motorbike, had a lovely chat, took down some laundry and went back to bed again.

The best Saturday I’ve had in ages.



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