Garden sale, DIY and peeps (short summary)

People are my activity, if I’d tell you all the things I’ve heard and talked about over the past  week it would fill page after page. But I won’t. Maybe one day I’ll write a book about you , but today, only time for some pictures.
maWe said goodbye to Aaron and Camilla who are leaving tomorrow. THEY ARE MOVING TO LONDON. I’m a bit jealous. But hey, I’ll get over it. They kind of gave away/sold their belongings. Anna grabbed hold of the proudest pelargoner (whatever the flower is called in English) of all times. She was pleased. mbCamilla and Elis wiped off bird poo from chairs. mcI photographed a house that feels like me sometimes. Small and charming (ehrm)mdNige and Sammy played football in the garden. Elis unfortunately never made it into the team.  meThen loads of things happened in between, and then Nigel had promised forever and ever to fix our neighbours distillery machine/barrel. So he did. Kind of make a new.mfHe made lots and lots of noise and then suddenly it was just. Done. Seriously. Magic. mgIt looks like it’s from a fairly tale, and it produces tuica. Well. It’s not that simple, but I don’t have the energy to explain. Our wonderful neighbour got so so happy and payed us in all kinds of home made jams, zacuska and a teary kiss. Good stuff.



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