In five years time

Maybe friendship is the hardest love to maintain and understand. Maybe it’s also the most beautiful kind of love. Because we can survive without it, it’s optional, we have to make a choice. We have to fight for it to stay. Because rather than observing one another it’s more observing the world, shoulder by shoulder. Contrary to lovers it’s not so inwardly looking. But instead we understand the world through each others interpretations of it and reactions to it.

Colliding and cruising, up and down, back and forth and sideways. Some things are happening like conjunctions, and/but/yet/ they’re binding it all together but not moving us anywhere. We come across an explosive verb that messes everything up, or just floating through a space filling time of so/a/at – incidents that almost unnoticed are walking us by. A bit like eating breakfast on a Tuesday morning late for work. It won’t stay.

But the joy of entering into one of those strong verbs exploding/loving/burning/dancing together in all it’s unusualness and normality. We want to remember it, the memories and words and pictures mustard yellow jackets/tractors/story telling/the sun shining in through the kitchen window at 17.54/those bike rides/that blue ocean of time/rain boots/Yorkshire tea in big cups/just that.

We (Julia and Miia) sat last night looking through pictures from our first three months together in Romania. For another two weeks we will live in the same country, so, in the name of sentimentality;

Let’s do some time travelling.

To the 14th of September 2009.

aaThis is the first day in Covasint, the house hadn’t been lived in for ages, so we worked on it the first week when we moved in. We had no idea what was going on or what was ahead of us. Here Josefina and Miia sanding and painting the window frames.. obs obs, like one billion window frames in this house. Took forever.abNigel, Gid and Liz putting the kitchen together. bLove this pic! I know it’s like the worst quality photo ever, but it’s me and Nigel in the sofa (and Miia in the background) one of the first weeks in Romania. I had super short hair, Nigel had a long pony tale. We where NOT talking to each other at this point. cMe and Abdi. A cute little fluff ball that grew into a big monster guard dog I didn’t dare to go close to 6 months later. d Miia blankly hated him, hahaha! “He is just SO stupid” used to be her reason. eGid, the forever style icon. getting his hair straightened by Olga. fKaren, the legend, the hero, the friend. hThis is the office believe it or not. Some outrageous activity. iOffice/church. Love the carpet patchwork.jMiia and Camilla doing some show business. k The contemplating spot at Covasint. Like the best. Place.lHahaha, Jonny and Miia in the kitchen. Dece has moved on a bit.
mThe one and only Alanna!
nNone of us brought our lap tops, so we had just a lot of time to be creative, mostly by going to the marked buying clothes for 1 leu and then matching it with something in someone else’s wardrobe.nnPrevious Sandblom and Rosenkrantz, now Goodwin and Swift’s bed/hiding place/refuge. I have no idea how anyone managed to not flip out on us. pAlanna and JuliaqWe had a period of taking photos of EVERYONE doing this floppy thing with their lips, I’m exceptionally bad at doing it, but most people look outrageous, so I choose to not put them up. Come home to me and I’ll show you the photos if you want to wet your pants laughing.rMiia! tOlga Camilla and Martha at a red/Christmas/Swede party. sOne last selfie.

“Although maybe all these moments are just in my head
I’ll be thinking ‘bout them as I’m lying in bed
And all that I believe, it might not even come true
But in my mind I’m havin’ a pretty good time with you”

– Noah and the Whale, in five years time. 

/Julia and Miia


2 thoughts on “In five years time

  1. This is so wonderful. It has been so long, like I knew you both a hundred lifetimes ago, but Romania and all the wonderful people it contains, will never leave me. For a hundred lifetimes more. So much love to you both, I still believe I will see you again!
    Chloe xx

    • Oh, Chloe! It is so so lovely hearing from you. Found a whole bunch of pictures from our room craft sessions and some walks. Good memories. I believe so too! Xx

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