I think self pity is a state of mind (she’s so hard)

Technology is a monkey. Wanted to back up my ipad and managed to restore it back to the beginning of march instead. Määh!

Trying to dog train my brain. Thinking positive thoughts and then feeding myself with strawberries when I manage. Goooooood girl.

Considering I’ll leave most of my belongings in Romania when I leave I shouldn’t be so upset about some documents and some photos. BUT I AM. SO. UPSET! That’s like everything I’ll have left of this life here in a few weeks. And the fact that I would never have done something so stupid if I wasn’t more tired than all toddlers parents in the whole world together, makes me even more angry. I should have followed my very well developed instinct and gone to bed. That’s what I. Should have done.

But I didn’t.

Well. Well. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. This months lesson learnt. Well said Jesus. I’ll go and stop grieving. Eat strawberries instead. 






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