The girl with the arab strap (extreme house makeover)

The 2nd of June it is, we’re packing the donkey and set off to far off destinations. Via Sofia, Greece and the Balkan coast line to a familiar Gothenburg. This time for a bit longer. This autumn and probably quite a few after that, will be lived under the Swedish flag. BIG CHANGE! I know. Maybe I’ll write more about it another day, until then.. some more Romanian village life. aNigel woke me up waving a colour chart under my nose, “is this Tuscany to you?” I understood straight away he was up to something. Unwillingly I said “yes”, two hours later I was put in labour. We where gonna paint the house. 
bFor some people this might need some planning and consideration, but Nigel was not bothered about that. He just did it. cWe had a deal. I did the bottom bits and he the top bits. dTroy was chilling. eNigel hates painting so we wanted it over and done with as fast as possible. So he was quite focused.fThis shows how teeny tiny our house is. “Casa de pitici” like Dani always calls it. It’s a fact that 99 % of our guests bang their head on the door frame when they leave. I laugh my head of every time even if I know that’s not nice. I have no sympathy cause I’m short. gA working man’s hands.

hMe and Troy doing some collaboration. iThe girl with the arab strap-kEt voila! Te question is Walter, is it tuscany?



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