And you are bravely crossing the Arctic sea.

Screen-shot-2012-09-10-at-4.46.21-PM-600x389I am swept away by what I see, that parallel universe existing inside of me, that window pointing towards those green meadows only to be found the seconds between dream and the alarm going off in the morning. I experience so much in that split moment, trying for the rest of the day to go back to the exact same place, feeling the spring sun/riding on a bike alongside that river/I want to find it/ let me find it/ light that fills my lungs/burning bright sun/nothing can touch me/nothing can touch me when I am with you.

 I am like a wallpaper, desperately trying to stay intact. Would prefer to be a spring rain in March, unrestrainedly falling down and making everything wet. I want to be a song on maximum volume, sureness and nothing less. I want to be high, high up in the air.

You’re like the birds bravely crossing the Atlantic ocean, following that built in compass and never thinking back except on good memories.  Like a picnic in the woods with no concern of rain, a longing for undiscovered harbours to berth in/you’re making me a well travelled woman but/my heart is a trembling rabbit.

I wouldn’t have said yes if I would have known that you’d turn my life into a raging forest fire. I would definitely not have said yes if I knew that my heart would have run away hundred times over if it wasn’t for the sake of my rib cage. But I said yes. And you are bravely crossing the Arctic sea, no fast land under your feet/closely/ newly mapped territory/where I never thought/anyone/could ever/ survive.



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