Even the most shimmering rain, empties out the skies and comes to an end

April has been stunning, some clear cold sunny mornings
when I get so cold I think I’ll die, just to be able to stand
towards a sun facing wall an hour later an slowly feeling
the heat going in to my bones. That’s almost as much bliss
as that first cup of coffee in the morning.

I’ve dragged my crafts outside, preferably together with a
friend and a cup of tea and watched the naked vine
branches slowly budding.

The beautiful tulips Oana gave to plant me just stood there
one day and surprised me with their presence

Someone else with some genuine appreciation for flowers

Had a nice hour in the sun waiting for Lucy with a cuddly
kitten, was so pleased, until Issa told me the cat had fleas.
It just started to itch severely everywhere and I remembered
now why I’m not that fond of animals here anymore.

Got some provision, 2000 flipping shoe boxes (parcels for the
children) and I was overjoyed but almost panicked when I
saw the truck. Like Christmas, but with the role as one of
Santa’s personal coordinators.

Some nice hang out time with this piece of beauty.

Saw this incredible football pitch on the way to taut
the other day.

The Taut season has started, so we’re all staying
up there in rounds, getting it ready to be opened.
It is definitely a place I have only good and special
memories from.



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