Next destination: “beyond”



Beyond Budapest.
Beyond Scandinavia to the North-East corner of Europe.
Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Then finally, Härmä.

The town of knives and a field-filled flatland scenery, my parents home and uncomfortable memories from the awful teenage years.

I wanted to get back to Siria already last Friday, before we had even made it to the city of Arad.
Yet, there I was now, standing in the queue for the Finnair luggage drop off on a Monday morning, already getting annoyed by fellow Finns.

By the time we were boarding, I was praying to God, that He could just beam me straight to Mom’s dinner table or that I at least wouldn’t have to sit next to any of the annoying Finnish teenager boys, which there were about 20 of.
Somehow I had forgotten how ugly Finnish swear words sound like, and I definitely got reminded of a good selection of them, all in the matter of about ten minutes.
In my desperation, and fuelled by my wild imagination, I was going through the things in my hand luggage, thinking which ones could be turned into weapons to threaten or torture 15 year olds.

Luckily I got to spare my tooth picks.

IMG_4737 IMG_4738

The landing was smooth, but the journey to the train station felt somehow surreal.
On the platform – like someone would say “by accident” – I get into a conversation with a lovely Finnish lady. She was on her way to the town of Lapua, on the same train as me, and of course, turned out to be a Christian. Not only that, more specifically a Finnish singer, song writer and Evangelista, who has lived in Canada – of course, in Toronto – for a big junk of time in her life. We had a lot to talk about, and she definitely made the rest of my journey home a smooth landing also in the mental and spiritual sense.



IMG_4734 IMG_4735

For the last two hours of the train ride I was traveling alone, which made me totally sink into my own reality. I realized again all the wonderful blessings in my life. Why is it so easy to forget them? Not that I’m rich or famous, super beautiful or über smart… but I simply have such wonderful people around me… and that’s what makes me often feel superior.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone waiting for you to get home…. and I’m not just talking about the dogs.

IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4750

Travel story, part one – completed. Good night.




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