Passion and arrogance, spring sun and panini.

Home from a beautiful five days in Rome with my friend and companion Mad. Twenty degrees and sun was the constant, together with cobbled streets and delicious 90 euro-cent cappuccinos. My camera is floating around somewhere at the moment so I’ll give you a glimps from instagram.

20140317-193941.jpg  20140317-193952.jpg

Breakfast at the coffee shop around the corner from where we lived in Trastevere, about 15 minutes walk from the centre. Full of cocky cool Italians in denim shirts that always managed to go ahead of us however much we tried. Loved it. Loved the million scooters parked everywhere too.

20140317-194010.jpg  20140317-194018.jpg

Took a trip one day to the pope, Mad was a bit grumpy because he didn’t invite us for tea. But his place was fab!

20140317-194044.jpg  20140317-194100.jpg

Did not see a single supermarket, or one maybe, but still, it was just teeny tiny shops everywhere with cheese and ham and vegetables and everything you might ever wish for. THE DREAM!

20140317-194128.jpg  20140317-194135.jpg

Madeleine manges to look pretty even if we’ve walked for hours and gone wrong and got lost. Of course five minutes after I’ve bragged about my map reading.

20140317-194149.jpg  20140317-194156.jpg

We went to the Vatican museums. Here the stairs by Giuseppe Momo.

20140317-194212.jpg  20140317-194219.jpg

The St. Peter’s Basilica.

20140317-194233.jpg  20140317-194240.jpg

I’m just saying, RUSSELL CROWE!

20140317-194251.jpg  20140317-194259.jpg

Modernity and ancientness all mixt.

20140317-194306.jpg  20140317-194313.jpg

Pizza and pose as an end.



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