Montenegro to Croatia

I recently learnt a new word; procrastinating. I’ve also found it more and more useful the closer I get to my driving test. Because it’s about all I manage to do. PUTTING OFF AND DELAYING EVERYTHING I SHOULD DO.  Well well, today it took me down the pleasant holiday-picture route anyway, so I thought I’d post some of it here to continue on the Balkan tour, starting in the bushes in Montenegro. efWe drove around really really late, finding nowhere to put up the tent. So in the end we just pushed the bike straight into the bushes, and fell asleep.edLuckily unaware of these little giant monsters crawling around EVERYWHERE. In the morning it was like 10 humongous spider webs all around us. I can tell you we did not stay for breakfast. eaIn the afternoon we arrived in Dubrovnic in Croatia. It was a stunning old old city built on a half island we went to explore. The whole place was just built on big hills with walking streets, so it was stairs everywhere. Very cute to look at, but incredibly painful to walk in after having been on an 8 hour long canyoning-tour two days before…egNigel loves maps, so he quickly got hold of one. ehThis is how the whole old town was built, with big massive walls to hold enemies and the big waves away. Imagine what a place to live in during the glory days (and now!)eiAfter a night in Dubrovnik we kept going towards Hvar, an island full of deep water soloing. ejSome cruising.ekSince non of us where up for paying 20 euros a night to squeeze down between camping families with too many kids and too much pop music and beer we went on the normal scavenging for a place to rest our heads. And found an unfinished house foundation in the midst of the steep cliffs. elGourmet dinner and some local wine.emWe decided to stay for a few days…

To be continued.



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