The weekend and a million selfies. Almost.


In the second half of the week a tiredness took over that couldn’t even be fooled away with the calorie boost of a pack of roasted sunflower seeds or a mug full of strong Swedish coffee.

“Obosit”, I replied simply to my Romanian colleague, since I’m still not able to build any structure around the words i know. But I’m sure I got my point over, and my body language must have explained the rest.

So much to do. And not knowing where to start. Friday of frustrations.




But I made it all the way to my little home-cave somehow. Music. Warmth. Sleep.



Apparently eight hours of sleep is just not enough.

There are so many things you could do on a Saturday. Somehow it seems that the most exciting things I usually manage to accomplish on my days off are cleaning the house or parts of it, taking a shower and buying food. Often not even all of those things in one day. I guess I just enjoy doing nothing too much.


It took a lot of determination to crawl out of bed.

I had to, because this Saturday I had made a promise to myself to go outside the borders of Siria, one way or another.

But disappointment in the form of white fluffy stuff waited for me on the other side of my door. As a Finn I should feel a sense of home when I see snow…. but all i feel is hate and disgust.


But I decided to take a hold (literally) of my new challenge instead of wallowing too long about winter. After all, spring is almost here, right?



This was the day to stock up the cupboards. Off to Arad.


It got confirmed to me, that I still hate shopping. Got a slight panik attack in the supermarket. Somehow I kept it together, even without letting out Finnish curse words out of my mouth, or the following:


 But the world around Kaufland was at peace.

Or at least more so. And Julia was there. With Nige. And some other pretty wonderful people.

IMG_3992 IMG_3990

IMG_4001 IMG_4004

When I got home, a joyful bunch of paper packs were lying on the kitchen table.

On the first day of snow my housemates had bought the first seeds to get dug into our garden in the spring. Love it.


Tea time with Brits and Wannabe-Brits is enough to lift up the spirits.


But despite the joy I just went into hibernation at unusual times.


11 hours later.


IMG_4016 IMG_4018

Sleep. Food. Friends.

= Happiness.



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