Chatsworth, or, if only I was born into aristocracy.

Just before Christmas we went to the Peak district in Derbyshire with family. It started with me realizing we where in the same country as the Downton Abbey-house, and that you actually can go and visit!!!!!!! But then realizing we where a bit too far away. So we went to Chatsworth instead. IMG_9485It was excellent.IMG_9486_1024Johan and Nige.IMG_9501They record loads of films here, inside that had a Narnia exebition, but unfortunately we never made it inside. IMG_9526_1024We made it into the maze thoughIMG_9533Noah showed us the way.IMG_9538I expected little rabbits with blue waist coats to appear any timeIMG_9537_1024Fika stop.IMG_9564_1024The fountain.IMG_9557_1024

Slowly growing into my British inherritage.
Maybe one day they will find out I am the heiress.



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