One less of essentials


It is one of those things that you just assume to be always there, non-stop available, being un-interruptedly pumped into your place of residence whenever you choose to.


That’s just not how it goes in many parts of the world. Sometimes there are no pipes, no pumps. Sometimes there are pipes, but they freeze or explode. And sometimes, like in our case, essential parts of the house just decide it’s time for them to resign from their service to humankind. Fair enough, but why not give a weeks notice or something? Seriously, i’m a girl, who likes timetables!

Water is essential.

You don’t often even think about all those things you need water for, until you can’t simply do it… or more correctly: can’t do anything.

Boiling eggs? No.

Washing dishes? No, no.


Drinking water?





Washing hands? Nah.

Washing clothes? Nah nah.



Washing… other things?

kuva4 kuva5 kuva6


Without further elaboration…

So what do you do, when a tragedy like this hits you? You could sink into sin and let out of your mouth a million curse words….



…and then repent for what you did and on top of that feel exhausted and even thirstier than before.




Get clueless and frustrated…



….sink into sadness…



…or simply be awesome like me and forget about your loss, focusing entirely on positive facts and possibilities.



After all, there’s still electricity.


Functioning sockets.


Clothes to keep me warm.



Wood, a burner and matches to be able to move arms and legs like a normal person without a thousand layers of clothing and still be warm.

kuva14 kuva15


And personally, I just try to change my evening cup of tea to other sort of activities. Good thing I’m creative.

Just follow my wise advise for a minute..

Remember, you can always dance. Or do some extra workout. Useful and fun in so many ways.

I wouldn’t overdo it though – remember, there’s no water…

kuva16 kuva17


Try out some exciting hairstyles with the hair you haven’t washed in days. (Though keeping in mind that you need to go to work the next day…)



Have a concert in your room that no one would buy tickets for.



Take use of all those exciting tools your computer programs have to offer.



Or simply, if none of the above feel tempting….

You can always just get religious.



But as you can see, instead of praying for a miracle, I chose to escape to social media and write a blog post about our misfortune. I mean, I’m just thankful there is Internet. (Not sure how good that makes me look as a Christian…)

Oh well, better choices next time…… when we might be two essentials down and unlucky (and completely out of coffee).




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