The story of the mystery parcel

An ordinary day
Or so I thought
Then a quarter to five
A surprise arrived


Few in words
Quite plain and white
But what was inside?
All of Fair kind



Mouth wide open
No words could come out
Whom is this from
Who is so nice?

As work is over
We say goodbye
With mystery box
Home we drive

Carefully open
Unpack with pride
Put on the shelf
With housemates we smile




Must be a friend
Took effort to buy
And effort to send
The costings, oh my…

Can only be thankful
Feel humbled inside
What a blessing to have
Friends like mine


Gifts on the shelves
The box moves on
Into the burner
To keep me warm.


So really,
there was no note of whom this delightful present was from…
Must be “Santa’s little helper”?
(Kiitos, rakas!)

In any case, I am so very, very thankful.

Oh my,
oh my,
how good is life.


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