A day to be official

“Look smart”, she said. And the next morning, I did.

We drove off to an adventure (really, that’s what you could call it) to a Romanian city and a Romanian police station.

I (Julia) forgot to tell her that it even included dress yourself with patience, grace and endurance, but she got it surprisingly quick. Now we’ll just wait for the big approving piece of paper that will open the doors to the perfect.






That was the last time for the day that we walked into that building. After that I (Miia) was extremely ready for a walk to the city centre, with the aim to get to a place with reasonably priced coffee and a well-working WiFi connection (=McDonald’s).




And then another Swedish girl joined us. While the Swedes were off at a market place hunting for random metal parts (i know right, a weird nation they are…), i was sitting in the car healing my feet that have obviously gotten too used to flat soles already.


While I had time, i got the chance to examine this fine piece of paper and a record of everything i had done with the last 3 years of my life, that the post had finally brought me today (thank you so much, Riikka!).


But then decided it’s too much of being official today. Instead i found other forms of entertainment. Like Karin’s glasses. And a camera.






And then there was this….



The last bit of official. Why does there have to be so much paper everywhere?


Unlike all expectations I (Miia) survived the biggest challenge of today: keeping my mouth shut, and instead just smiling and nodding nicely.

The world is not a fair place. There are people out there, who don’t know how to behave. People, who think they can just take all the candy from the other kids. The bad boy in the block. And though they are the same age, they’re so fat and big already, that no one ever dares to say anything against them.

So what do you do, when the mean boy next door marches on to the playground?

Smile and nod. Walk away from the swing and give him a lollipop.

No matter how I put it, i can’t take off the luck and blessing that just being born in Finland is covering me with. That is something i got reminded of again. And because of that, being able and having the luck of living in community here, spending my life around amazing people and being in this beautiful country with a purpose. Officially.

And now, it’s time to start our ‘little weekend’.

Tach och hej!


/ Miia (featuring Julia)


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