From great heights.

Nigel fooled me away on a bike ride over the hills last aHe described it as “a little bit of uphill and then cruising all the way over the hills”. Naive as I sometimes am I thought “that sound good”.bike bSo we went up up up and through the vineyards of cAnd up up up every flippin dAnd way too late I discovered the bluff and got really angry. There was no downhill. This anger fueled me enough to climb a few more hills with the bike. bike eStopped for a reconciliation and fika stop and realized that we needed to be in Siria within 50 minutes (=not very possible).bike fIt started to rain a bit when we paced off into the forest. Nigel fell over in the mud but was happy as a child on Christmas day. What can I say, what can I say?



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