The autumns DIY projects.

bThe drill-day was a big one in my life. I overcame my fear of making holes in the wall and fell in love with power tools again.

dd      cI’ve given this one away already. We’ve now got about 40 litres (!) of home made wine that doesn’t taste of vinegar but actually high above reasonable.       aBeeing able to handle a drill means I can put up pretty much anything I want on the walls.. like pictures. Tjoho!

f     e Another of the autumns projects was the sofa bed. (Now with an extension and nice fabric and cushions on, but have no picture of it)IMG_1411And then we have the wood shed… don’t ask me how he did it.

IMG_8701     IMG_8735Something like this.. find four beams that weigh like 200 kg each and then fiddle around and put them up and make it stand and put a roof on.IMG_1391And then I can recommend this project. Put down a seed and these can come up and you can call them yours and even eat them.IMG_1466We also have the tuica left to do as our next project.. super exciting!IMG_1251Also I’m trying to get Nigel on board with building us a gypsy-palace as a future diy.. let’s see what 2014 will bring.



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