Wine, wood and breathe.

If my life was a film the scene from last week would have started with a strategic meeting in the head quarters. We’re talking download-deluxe. It would quickly have moved on to people running off in different directions to not really see each other more than a quick colliding in the corridor every other day. Food, sleep and company has been shoved in a corner and my brain has been so challenged that I feel like pleading drop box to start with internet based memorial storing space. The scene is actually going on in this very moment and I have so many words that just is thought rather than paper based. So, in the waiting for anything more detailed I’ll give you some pictures from today’s physical attempt to let my mind go to a well deserved rest.
aWood stacking.bWood chopping. cOn repeat.dAt home. eAnd some wine making in our underground laboratory. Update, to be continued..



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