Not only this, but we also work

Some normalities of my current life.

How do my days begin?

The optimal start to a morning is an insane workout. Literally. My housemate got me into doing The Insanity workout (*) with her. We tend to wake up around 5 am to do this.

After that the morning continues with a luxurious (= how much you can afford with a missionary budget) breakfast. Really, i could have made it look pretty, but this is just an honest documentation of reality. Cabbage, lettuce and eggs covered with loads of pepper, flushed down with a cup of the cheapest instant coffee i could find in the local shop (btw, if you’d ever feel a prompting to send some good coffee over here, please don’t resist that feeling…).

What else would a girl need to be happy? (Well, a second cup of coffee, actually.)


Lunch preparation is part of my pre-workday actions. Some form of vegetables, some source of protein, some kind of fruit. The same menu… every day.


And then off to the office.



Though it’s sunny, the unfortunate news is, winter is slowly creeping in.

The smell of warmth and fire coming from the houses fills my nostrils as i’m walking home in the afternoon. There was this one day, when i was freezing the whole day…. looking at my laptop screen in a semi-cold office room, not moving much, just my bony fingers typing away. It’s not like the others are cold…. but i just think my body is still adjusted to Dubai-weather (= 30 C degrees).

Recovering from nine hours of shivering required putting on a ridiculous amount of layers as i got home and the first time to get my wood burner into action…. to my own surprise i still know how to light a fire.

And it burns well.


Writing about coldness in a nagging way actually makes me  realize how silly i  am to even complain about it. After all, i am one of the fortunate ones who has a home to go back to…. always. I’m also fortunate to have a well-working wood burner… and even wood to put in it. (Which is not the case for some people in this village…)

One of the things i so love about being here, is that even a little becomes a lot. Things of this world get put into a more correct perspective. You start to appreciate again those things that in the western world are too often taken for granted.


Central heating? A luxury.

Internet connection? A luxury.

Hot, clean water coming out of the tap? A luxury.

Even a fridge full of food…. i so often forget to be thankful.


The simplicity of life makes me feel at peace.

A life like mine would not be something for everyone, but i do want to encourage you to think about this stuff. Not everyone needs to give up their comfortable life and move to a poor country, but what you can do, is look for people in need in your own surroundings. You can also just take a grateful attitude to life, no matter where or in what situation you are. Just stop for a minute and think about what really matters.

When i lived in Finland, i felt like i was often just running through life, with my eyes closed and emotions shut down. Life was mostly about work, achievement and getting through my personal to do -list. No wonder i was so tired and brain dead before coming here.


Life is not so much about you or me, more about us together. I’ve been taught to be independent, to put my own interest before everything else and pursuit greatness to be happy. But why? What is the point of success, if i never have time to enjoy it, or anyone else to share it with?


When our family (=us ladies, who are living in the same house) has gathered home after work, we usually just spend time together. It took a couple of days to get used to that. Instead of everyone doing their own thing, we would make noise in the kitchen and come up with delicious food creations. Sharing. Learning from each other.


That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest privileges you can have. Friends and family. And at the moment, though i’m quite poor and depending on the support of others, i feel indeed richer than ever before.






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