A day to remember.

She came from the North, with a bachelor in business and everything that didn’t fit in two suit cases got donated to a flee market in Helsinki. Slowly starting where it all begun. Empty handed but finally at ease, back to simplicity and upside down values. Miia Marianne. My blond beautiful Finnish friend.

Yes, what you’ve heard on the grape wines is true. Julia and Miia are working/living/fighting together again, as different as before but now a bit closer geographically. Scandinavian blood united under the Romanian flag.





We’re so excited about living in the same country again. Serving the same God not only under the same sky, but also in the same village in the outskirt of that same field. Whatever this autumn will bring we say bring it on, we’re ready!

(pictures by our wonderful Karin)

/julia och miia


3 thoughts on “A day to remember.

  1. I may have spent the past 20 minutes reading through your together posts and trying not to happy cry at your beautiful selves and all that you have come through and all that you are! I love you both! xxx

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