Away we go (day two)

Here comes a slightly delayed update from Day two at Bucegi Vulcan.bucegi pWe woke up to a freezing but beautiful morning.bucegi rAfter breakfast we set off to one of the other rock faces in the area.bucegi sAhlberg and Nige, scouting out the land.bucegi tIt was a class view even from the ground.bucegi vAnd a mental walk to get there. I was constantly 20 meters behind. bucegi uNige didn’t waste any time on talking but got ready for climbing as soon as we got there.bucegi wThe beginning of Torrnado.bucegi xNinja-Monkey.bucegi yUp we go.bucegi zAhlberg, second in command.bucegi åIt was soooo high.bucegi zaMe when I got up.bucegi zbAhlberg.bucegi zcHappy boy, even though he had to wear a bike helmet.bucegi zdSo was I.bucegi zgPanorama view over a magnificent piece of landscape!! It was even snow on the mountaintops in the very back…bucegi zeGot back down to pack up and found a tired donkey.bucegi zfAfter siesta I got woken up by a cow. And then we went home.

Very well spent 40 hours if I can say it myself.



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