Last day, last night, last 22 hours in Helsinki

And by last i mean last in a while. But how much is a while? I don’t know. Could be a week. A month. A year or two or ten. God knows.

But now it’s the last time in a while I’ll be taking the train E in direction Helsinki.


Last time to do a morning shift (or any kind of shift) at the Globe Hope shop.



My colleagues had left me an awesome goodbye gift:


A knife handmade in Finland. It will come in handy in Romania (I mean, only for making kindling though…)

The last time for these on-the-way-to-my-work views.




Last evening with my little boy and his family (=my family).

I’m so excited about tomorrow and totally love this feeling that results from taking a step to foreign ground…. And I’m so thankful for everything I’ve had whilst being in my comfort zone.

Last day, for sure not the least (or last).



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