Why does nobody tell Zlatan he can’t dance?

IMG_1234So tired of defining myself by what I’m not. I mean, WHO CARES about the fact that I can’t eat with chopsticks, play the drums or even improvise a speech? Why do I spend so much time just telling myself about all those fantastic characteristics I don’t have or everything I can’t bless my surroundings with…


Time to move on. Come one Jesus, hit me hard with that truth of yours. I’m serious. It’s so boring to be defined by all those things you are not. Like walking in to a food shop, deciding what to by, just by picking out everything you hate and then put down in the basket what’s left. Insane.

I remember a talk from years ago, by a guy with handicap. He said. “Zlatan is very good at football, but why does nobody tell him he can’t dance?” the answer is; Because he’s brilliant at football. Come on! We all are. Not good at football, but something. We’re all important, exactly who you are is important, like a massive puzzle. Not even kidding.

So please sweet Jesus, bang this into my head. Amen.


Picture by; Karin Sundemo


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