Step into my office baby

We had an insanely productive and chilled out day at home on Saturday. Karin was over and the sun was shining.  We set up an office at our veranda and had home-video-production. The whole morning.

Later we started up what felt like 100 projects. Grape picking and wine making, wood shopping and stacking. Sweeping and eating and drinking our body volume in coffee (just to mention a few projects). IMG_1407Our office.IMG_1361Lunch break.IMG_1542And then picking and picking and pickingIMG_1528Had to balance on a piece of wood to reach and got extremely tired in my arms, so Karin took over the picking.IMG_1505Superb.IMG_1548Si multe multe.IMG_1524I did the pressing, Nigel did the wood.IMG_1465And then we went to our lovely neighbours that where in the middle of Tuica making. You could mistake it for a time machine. IMG_1475So many country side traditions I love here!IMG_1391Karin found this funkiness in the garden. IMG_1376 I must say I feel prepared. The autumn can hit us and we will stand firm.

Later Gid and Anna came by and then we went for a Bbq at Covasint.

Saturday perfection if you ask me.

pics from Karin



3 thoughts on “Step into my office baby

  1. Uuuh! Trots det icke möjliga druvplockningen och kontor bland träden så är det ganska fint här i Göteborg också. Om en har sin halsduk på!
    Miss u

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